Shelly Guyer McCaffrey

Artistic Director

Shelly started her dance career at the age of 3 and danced for 16 years locally under the tutelage of Deborah Anthony. She received scholarships and studied Dance at Chautauqua Art institute, Pennsylvania Governors School for the Arts, and Temple University. She also had the distinguished opportunity of dancing and training at American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, Central Pennsylvania Ballet, and The Cecchetti Society.

After taking time off to start and raise a family Shelly discovered the LOVE of teaching dance and has been teaching dance  for the past 10 years. Shelly often takes advanced dance students to Regional and National competitions where they gain valuable experience. Shelly is also  recognized and awarded for much of her choreography at regional and national levels. Shelly is a sought after  choreographer for local dramatic productions in Churches and school plays. Shelly is privileged to work with and gain friendships of some nationally known choreographers, dancers and master teachers in the industry. Her greatest joy is children. She heads the nursery in her local church where the little ones refer to her as “Miss Shelly”.  Shelly LOVES introducing DANCE to children (or anyone) with a desire to have fun and learn. Dance in all its forms is truly an art of putting beautiful motion to music, but to shelly… it is a joy and a LOVE.

Lizzie McCaffrey

Dance Instructor

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Paige Reilly

Dance Instructor

Paige Reilly, an Altoona native, has been studying all styles of dance for the past 15 years. Throughout her 12 years of regional and national competitive dance, Paige has won numerous group dance awards and special individual judges awards including those for artistry, musicality, technique and passion for the art of dance. Her love for the performing arts prompted her to join the Altoona Community Theatre (ACT) in 2013. In her two seasons at ACT, she participated in the dance ensemble for ACT’s production of Singin’ In the Rain, and was one of the lead dancers for the production of Young Frankenstein. While at ACT, she expanded her knowledge of theatre by learning costuming, lighting, and backstage etiquette. Under Shelly McCaffrey’s guidance, Paige then was given a scholarship to Jump and Break the Floor dance competition, and convention while dancing under Simply Dance(2014).  In 2017 she was awarded the title of Top-Senior Soloist at Encore’s Regional Competition in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Over the last several years, Paige has choreographed for dance companies, competitive teams, and individual students in Altoona and surrounding areas. During that time, Paige’s choreography has been awarded Platinum, High Gold and Gold awards along with other judges awards.  Paige also attended Dance Educators of America in West Palm Beach, Florida (2019) where she learned business management, stage management, and dance instruction for different skill levels, age levels, and styles. Throughout her entire dance career, Paige was trained and mentored by some of the some of the industry’s biggest names, including: Alex Wong, Jon Johnson, Kathleen Marshall, Denise Wall, Ray Leeper, Jon Lehrer, Brooke Pierotti, Kayla Kalbfleisch, Shana Vanderworker and Jay Gamlen. Paige is a certified instructor and member of Dance Educators of America. Paige also has CPR certifications, is sports concussion trained and certified, and will attend many other certification programs to continue her professionalism as a dancer and instructor.